Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Art of Patchwork and Quilting

QuiltImage via WikipediaIf you want to learn the art of patchwork and quilting, it is important that you should have accuracy in cutting & stitching. If you will execute accuracy along with using the best Quilting Kits tools like rotary cutter, you will definitely be able to make a masterpiece.

You need to cut the pieces for patchwork and quilting in long strips with the grain of the fabric. Then the pieces are sewn together into squares and assembled into a finished quality. You have the flexibility of completing the blocks in sets of four, five or even nice patch blocks. It actually depends on the pattern you are following as well as the type of quilt you want to make.

There are many sewing machines in the market that will enable you to make larger quilts and Patchwork Project with intricate custom designs. These machines have bobbins with more than double the capacity of older machines. Most of the machine manufacturers give books of free quilt patterns to the customer.

If you are a beginner, you can refer to the Internet for some basic and popular patterns. Whereas, many Internet television are also serving as interesting medium of learning sewing and patchwork for free. These run sewing programs where step by step information is given to the learner.

Patterns of Making Quilting and Patchwork Supplies

There are different patterns of quilting and patchwork & one of the most well-known is log cabin pattern. The quilt square in this pattern resembles the log cabins that were built by early settlers in America.
Quilting bees is yet another pattern you can follow. This pattern is said to be a way for older women to advice the younger women on how to take care of home & family while learning to sew.

If you want to try your hands on something that is far more creative and gives you a chance to show off your abilities to everyone, quilting & patchwork is for you. Just enjoy the highly artistic hobby to make beautiful gifts & home decor items.

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